The cost of employee disengagement.

$500 Billion

We tell you how to beat it. 

The Solution

MomentSnap Reviews from the Frontline

MomentSnap elevates the guest experience by empowering your employees.

“It frees up time so I don’t have to put [customer ratings] in front of them constantly. When we talk about where they stand and what the ratings are, now they have it already in front of them.”

— Mohammed, General Manager

Everyone using the app talks all the time about where they are in the leaderboard.”

— Leti, Server

“For me, it’s big to know that I am 3rd, 4th, or 5th place so I can make fun of the other people. Some servers tell me they are ahead of me, so I say: ‘watch it! I will be ahead of you soon!'"


— Dina, Server

Stop paying the disengagement tax.

Download our Empowerment Primer. Identify the problems. Learn the solutions.

Employees Empowered

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What's Included:

1.  Why Disengagement Has A $500bn Price Tag

2.  The Psychology of Disengagement

3. Disengagement on The Frontline

4.  How to Quash Disengagement With Transparency

Want to empower your employees?

Step One: Understand disengagement.

Want to empower your employees?

Step One: Understanding the Problem

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