The cost of employee disengagement.

$500 Billion

We tell you how to beat it. 

The Solution

MomentSnap Reviews from the Frontline

MomentSnap motivates employees with data.

““This app aided my team in achieving some serious top box results. I carry a staff of 70-80 servers. Prior to having Momentsnap our results were in the bottom quartile of [Company] server measurement metrics. To date we are currently at 86%”

— Bret, GM

“The engagement from my staff was contagious. It raised a competitive awareness amongst all of the servers.”

— Steven, Retail Manager

“For me, it’s big to know that I am 3rd, 4th, or 5th place so I can make fun of the other people. Some servers tell me they are ahead of me, so I say: ‘watch it! I will be ahead of you soon!'"


— Dina, Server

Stop paying the disengagement tax.

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Employees Empowered

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What's Included:

1. $500bn? How?

2. The Psychology of Disengagement

3. Disengagement on the Frontline

4.  Quashing Disengagement with Transparency

You're pouring revenue down the drain.

$500 billion: the price of employee disengagement per annum.

Learn how to take back what's yours.

Want to empower your employees?

Step One: Understanding the Problem

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